TSDWatch is a stopwatch application that displays time in either seconds or hundredths of a minute (cents). It also supports split time as well as reporting the delta time between the last two split times. It also allows the user to set the initial start-time used by the stopwatch. The digits used to display the time are large for easy reading from a distance and the PalmOS auto-off or WinCE auto suspend feature can be disabled while running TSDWatch.

Screen shots for the PalmOS version of TSDWatch are available.

The PalmOS version of TSDWatch is available and can be downloaded. The source code is available on request. If you are interested in the TSDWatch source code because you are developing your own stopwatch application, you can download the generic StopWatch source code.

A preliminary version of the Pocket PC version of TSDWatch is also available and can be downloaded. Versions are available for the ARM, MIPS and SH3 processors.