StageCalc is an iPhone app for use in stage rally competition for calculating and tracking individual and cumulative stage times during competition.

The stage time can either be directly entered (hh:mm:ss.s) or calculated (finish time - start time). Once stored, each stage time and a running total appear in a scrollable list.

There are two versions of StageCalc. The initial release (1.0) and the current release (1.5). Only the current version is available.

StageCalc is available only through iTunes.

Use of StageCalc is straightforward. After completing the stage, you enter the stage time, press '+' and the stage time (as well as the cumulative stage times) is display at the end of a list. In order to prevent accidentally deleted the entered stage times, the list is locked against being cleared. The Clear button must be pressed twice to delete the list of stage times.

After a stage time is entered, it cannot be deleted. However, it can be changed. Do so by pressing the Clear button (to allow the list to be changed), tapping on the list entry to change, entering the new time and pressing '+' to enter the new time into the list.

If the control marshal did not enter the stage time on your time card, StageCalc can be used to calculate your stage time. Enter the finish time, press the 'FT' button, enter the start time and then press the 'ST' button. Then press '+' to add the stage time to the list.

Screen shots of StageCalc are available.

Support information is also available.

And, of course, a list of Frequently Asked Questions is also available.