StageCalc FAQ

What is StageCalc?
StageCalc is an iOS app used in stage rally competition to calculate the cumulative stage time for a single competitor.

Why would you want to do that?
In stage rally competition, the score for the rally is determined by adding each completed stage times.

Why can't you just use a regular calculator?
Because there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. Regular calculators can't add time values; StageCalc can.

What devices does StageCalc run on?
iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

How do you use it?
You enter the stage time value, then press "+". This associates the stage time value with the next available entry in the list of stages. The stage slot number (which should correspond to the stage number), stage time value and the cumulative stage time up to that slot are displayed.

If you have only the stage finish and start times, you can calculate the stage time value using StageCalc and then enter the time into the stage list.

How would I use this during a rally?
You complete the stage and get your timecard back from the Finish Control marshal. Enter the stage finish time, say, 15:45:21.1. Press 'FT' (finish time), then enter stage start time, say, 15:37. The 'FT' button has changed to 'ST' (start time). Press 'ST' and the stage time is calculated and displayed. Then press '+' to enter the stage time into the stage time list. As you run the rally, Repeat for each stage. As noted above, each stage time and the cumulative stage times are displayed. Compare times against your competitors.

Road points can be added as stage times.

How do I correct that I already entered?
Unlock the list by pressing 'CL'. The app will no longer display the 'L'. Tap on the stage time entry to change and it will be highlighted. Enter the new value for that entry. Press '+' to save the new value. You can also press the Clear button to cancel updating that entry.

Entering the finish time and start time works the same way when updating an entry in the stage time list.

Have you ever actually competed in a rally?
Yes. I competed as a co-driver from 2002-2007 and try to do a rally a year since "retiring" from competition. However, I have only competed in the US and Canada. If you aren't in the US or Canada, we might do things differently here or call things by different names. If you have suggestions on making StageCalc more usable outside of North America, please send them to me.