ATC Calc Plus
ATC Calc Plus

NOTE: ATC Calculator does not currently run on iOS 9. A new version that will correct this problem is under development.

ATC Calc Plus is an iPhone app for use in stage rally competition for calculating the arrival time for the next control. Time can be entered in minutes or hour:minute format. The difference between the current time and the calculated arrival time is displayed. Because the iPhone's current time might not be the same as rally time, the ATC Calc Plus keeps its own current time.

The time values are displayed in a large format for easier viewing. The buttons are larger and separated to make it easier to select the intended button on rough transits.

ATC Calc Plus is available through iTunes.

Screen shots showing how to use ATC Calc Plus are available.

Support information is also available.

And, of course, a list of Frequently Asked Questions is also available.